Another Fair Trade Success – Numi Tea and Turmeric Growers in Madagascar

Numi Tea has worked with a group of turmeric farmers in Madagascar to create the first Fair Trade Certified turmeric for a new line of teas they are making that uses the amazing spice.  Whatever your business is, if it involves farming, crafting, and/or producing a product that is able to be Fair Trade Certified, it is in your best interests to work with your suppliers to achieve certification.  Everyone benefits from fair trade, right from the raw material supplier all the way to the end consumer.  Don’t consider profits more important than people because in the long-term this is not the model you want to be following anymore.  Especially when it has been proven time and again that people, planet and profits can all benefit when business operates sustainably and with a long-term vision driven by values.

Please read the article here.

Go to Numi’s website here for more on their fine organic teas and corporate vision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and consider fair trade for your purchases or your business.

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