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2020: a crunch year for the biodiversity and climate emergencies

Over the last few months, the scientific community has repeatedly sounded the alarm on biodiversity breakdown and the climate emergency. Scientists and most governments agree that the world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis with huge numbers of species on the brink of extinction and global temperatures continuing to rise.
— Read on www.unenvironment.org/news-and-stories/story/2020-crunch-year-biodiversity-and-climate-emergencies

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World’s plants and soils to switch from carbon sink to source by 2100, study shows | Carbon Brief

A new study suggests the world’s plants and soils will switch from absorbing carbon dioxide to becoming a source of it by the end of the century.
— Read on www.carbonbrief.org/worlds-plants-and-soils-to-switch-from-carbon-sink-to-source-by-2100-study-shows

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How Interface is Transforming Manufacturing with its Net Zero Emissions Strategy

A year ahead of schedule, Interface just announced it achieved net-zero emissions – going above and beyond the legacy of its founder, Ray Anderson.
— Read on www.triplepundit.com/story/2019/how-interface-transforming-manufacturing-its-net-zero-emissions-strategy/85641/

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Protect, Restore, Fund – Nature is our best defense to the climate crisis.

Greta Thunberg, George Monbiot and Nature Now have created an excellent video on how we must focus on protecting and restoring our natural environments. Fund investment in protecting and restoring nature while reducing/eliminating funding of fossil fuels and the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels.


Along with using new and innovative technologies to grow our food in ways that use less land while improving yields, restorative agriculture for all crops and putting a priority on keeping our natural environment healthy we can address the climate crisis effectively. Our future is in a healthy, sustainable environment, a just and equitable society for all and making the planet better not worse.

This moment is vital, our choices today and everyday going forward matter. Choose to be net positive in the impact to our planet because net negative, even a little, will eliminate us all.

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Climate strike: Walkout, protests for climate change on September 20 – The Washington Post

Friday’s strikes come three days before world leaders are set to gather at the United Nations on Monday for a much-anticipated climate summit.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2019/09/20/millions-youth-around-world-are-striking-friday-climate-action/

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We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too | Raoni Metuktire | Opinion | The Guardian

We have warned you about the destruction of our lands. You must listen before it is too late, says Raoni Metuktire, chief of the indigenous Brazilian Kayapó people
— Read on www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/sep/02/amazon-destruction-earth-brazilian-kayapo-people

This opinion piece speaks deeply about the Amazon fires and what the western lifestyle is doing to every thing on Earth. We are deeply wrong in how we live and we all need to re-evaluate what life is really about and what really matters. I know I am doing a deep dive into my values and the way I live.

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For Animals, Plastic Is Turning the Ocean Into a Minefield

From getting stuck in nets to eating plastic that they think is food, creatures worldwide are dying from material we made.
— Read on www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/06/plastic-planet-animals-wildlife-impact-waste-pollution/

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‘Round and ‘Round We Finally Go: Why I Believe We’ll Achieve a Circular Economy, Part 1 – Sustainable Brands 2019 Flagship Conference

‘Round and ‘Round We Finally Go: Why I Believe We’ll Achieve a Circular Economy, Part 1 – Sustainable Brands 2019 Flagship Conference
— Read on events.sustainablebrands.com/sb19det/round-and-round-we-finally-go-why-i-believe-well-achieve-a-circular-economy-part-1/

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Charles Eisenstein – Loss of the Immeasurable

Beautiful video on what we have sacrificed in the name of progress and how you can choose to consider a different perspective on how you want to live, be and act in the world. It is never too late to change your life toward one that you direct and find deeply fulfilling. Thoughtful awareness and a commitment to act in faith with what you truly value will create your uniquely beautiful life.


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TriplePundit: Why Shifting Gender Balance in Wealth Brings Ripple Effects

TriplePundit: Why Shifting Gender Balance in Wealth Brings Ripple Effects
— Read on www.triplepundit.com/story/2019/why-shifting-gender-balance-wealth-brings-ripple-effects/82736/

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