Climate Change Adaptation Handbook

In this series of blog posts I  will be showcasing various websites, books, and other resources / references that I think may be useful to my readers.  Here’s to finding something new.

CAKE – Climate Action Knowledge Network has produced a Citizen’s Guide to Climate Adaptation for the Oregon Coast.  I don’t live on the Oregon coast or any seacoast for that matter but I thought perhaps readers of this site may live on a coastline and this handbook might prove useful to them.  I imagine that the tools and information in this handbook will be relevant to any coastline to a certain extent and may assist other coastal areas in producing their own specific climate adaptation handbook.

CAKE is an excellent website for resources regarding climate change and for those wishing to develop programs, policies and plans to address climate change.  It contains a virtual library, case studies, latest findings and working groups on addressing this very significant issue facing us today.  Membership is free and you can contribute case studies of your own as a member.

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