FEETZ – A new footwear company bringing together custom sizing and sustainability.

Feetz.com provides custom fitting shoes made on a 3D printer with a flat sole, which is better for your feet, and they are sustainable.  This is the kind of innovative and well designed products we need in the world. 


Founded by Lucy Beard when she was frustrated shoe shopping – been there , not fun.  Kudos to another woman the day after International Women’s Day, for seeing a need and filling it with brilliance, simplicity, and thoughtfulness.  Feetz manufacture their shoes in San Diego, another bonus to have local production and jobs.  The customer measures their feet with a 3D scanning system using your cellphone, submits the information to Feetz.com and either picks one of the pre-designed shoes or custom designs the shoe they want.  There are only two models and the pricing is reasonable, so ladies you can easily get both styles.  Men you will have to be happy with just the one model – it’s good to be a girl! 😛

Check them out and if you live in the United States get a pair.  Unfortunately, I live in Canada and they are not available up here yet but I have been told that they are working on opening up international sales this year.  I look forward to that as I would like a pair and my daughter has very difficult feet to fit so she is a perfect customer for Feetz, click for more of their story.  They also have Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a Facebook page.

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