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As we move through our days, weeks, months, and years that make up our life’s journey it is important to take time to be grateful for the people in our lives, the lessons we learn, the beauty that surrounds us, and the very fact that we woke up today and have another opportunity to be the very best version of our self.

I like to bring my awareness to the natural environment, noting a field fresh with snow, deer on the field, birds in my yard, flowers in the summer, and especially take time to notice how blue the sky might be after a few days or weeks of rainy, cloudy weather. I love blue skies and sunshine, especially a sky that is clear with just a few clouds, low humidity in the air, and has that clarity of light I grew up with on the Canadian prairie.

field-clouds-sky-earth-46160 It is a rare occurrence here in Southern Ontario where the Great Lakes cause many overcast days, high humidity and the high population and volume of vehicles results in pollution that reduces the bright sunshine.  Below is a video by Louie Schwartzberg from TEDxSF regarding Gratitude.  Louie is also an ambassador for Plastic Oceans International, a fantastic organization we support and applaud that cleans up plastic pollution from the world’s oceans. You can read the article here Louie Schwartzberg Ambassador for Plastic Oceans.  I enjoy the time lapse videos Louie makes and have watched a number of them on Netflix.  They are beautiful and moving to watch, bringing the incredible wonders of nature together with music for a wonderful experience.

I hope you enjoy this one and will check out more of his work at Moving Art.

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