Guest Post – Natural and Organic Pest Control

The Aardvark Pest Management in Philadelphia, PA wrote the following piece on integrated pest management for their blog.  I am posting it here as a guest post because it contains information about choosing natural and organic methods of pest control before resorting to stronger chemical solutions that negatively impact your home or garden.


Making informed choices that work with nature, rather than eradicate nature, are always preferable and eliminate negative impacts that disrupt our environment.  Creating balance through our choices that support natural ecosystems and maintain their integrity prevents unwanted and unknown outcomes that cause more damage to the environment and our health.  Harmony with nature should always be our default, we are part of nature – without healthy soil, water and air we do not survive.  Every creature, even insects, have a purpose and wholesale destruction of them because we don’t like them in our homes or gardens is neither reasonable nor responsible.  Take a look at the article and shift your thinking in how to deal with an infestation.  You might even consider that we are the problem, not the pests.

Natural and organic pest control in the home and garden

The Aardvark Pest Management is a long-standing pest control firm active in advancing and educating the pest control industry on how to provide intelligent pest control solutions.  Check out their website for more information.

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