Nestle’s Bottled Water practices again in question

Once again Nestle proves it is not interested in providing water to those who need it most but rather that it is interested in buying up water sources for as little as possible and then reselling it in bottles at a huge profit.  Every time I go to the grocery store I see cases of Nestle Pure Life bottled water being sold and it causes me grave concern.  

First, there is no need in the city I live in, like most cities in Canada and the developed world (Flint, Michigan being an anomaly) to drink bottled water, as the municipal tap water is properly maintained and monitored.  Second, the price is extremely low enticing consumers to buy an unnecessary product they think they need but do not, that appears cheap, but in the long run is not, that leaves plastic waste behind and is undermining local communities’ water needs.  Third, fresh water is a resource we are losing in many parts of the world and knowing multinational corporations are buying up the rights to the remaining fresh water is a horrifying thought for our future survival.  As fresh water resources come under pressure around the world and communities sell control over their water supplies, we will be enslaved by profit seeking multinational corporations who will be able to charge what they want for a resource we cannot live without.

Nestle has been on a mission since the mid 2000’s to capitalize on every opportunity to control local water sources for its own commercial profit over the needs of local communities.  Governments and human rights organizations the world over need to be vigilant in preventing Nestle and other mega-corporations from buying up and controlling ground water resources.  Fresh clean water is a basic human right, like clean air, not a commodity for corporations to control.

Water and Human Rights: Canadians Call for a Boycott of Nestlé Products

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