People’s Climate March Aftermath

Yesterday in New York City and around the world the People’s March for Climate Change occurred in advance of the U.N. Climate Change Summit being held in that same city this week.  The turn out was huge in many places and involved all kinds of people, highlighting just how much impact the need to address climate change has grown throughout the world.  People everywhere want to see changes on the part of governments and businesses to really incorporate climate change reduction strategies into their operations.  To actively pursue and support renewable resource energy production, as it is carbon based energy production that is primarily driving climate change.  Thinking we cannot move away from fossil fuels is the kind of limited thinking that will result in our own obsolescence.

From this point forward we have an opportunity to work together in bringing about real solutions to this problem.  It is a challenge, not an obstacle to change the way we do things, to embrace a better, cleaner energy production.  We as individuals can choose to have our energy supplied from renewable sources, choose vehicles that are electric rather than gasoline, create demand for these choices if they are not currently widely available in your area and be conscientious about the impact our choices have on the planet.  Climate change is for us to solve, we have the technology, all we need is a willingness and effort to do what is required to make real change happen.  No other species can accomplish this task.  A new way of approaching our energy needs, of building our communities and supporting those businesses that are sustainable while eliminating those businesses and governments that are not is the solution.  Like in nature everything has a cycle, for some their time is done and now it is time for new ideas, new visionaries and new models that sustain and regenerate our world.  If we choose to ignore this opportunity, to make choices that are not in our best interests and to consider it not our problem then we will lose our chance to ensure an environment that can support us in the future.

Think about it, move past all the naysayers and deniers, realize this is a solvable problem, and be a part of the solutions.  Once you do, a whole world of possibilities opens up to you and a whole different perspective on the kind of world we can achieve comes into view. Sustainable and resilient communities, zero waste economies, toxic free environments and a reconnection with the natural world are all possible.

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