Power of Women around the world – Part 1- ASOMOBI Coffee Growers

This is the first in a series I am putting together on groups of women who have taken control of their lives through purposeful work and reclaimed their power as conscientious contributors establishing equitable businesses, improving their communities, and the planet’s sustainability.   When faced with challenging conditions and the need to adapt in order to survive, women everywhere regularly meet this challenge and provide inspiring examples of the great strength that resides within us.  The feminine aspects are often dismissed as weak or denied as darkly powerful but really it is the combination of compassion and protection that create the strongest force for sustainable, resilient actions based on cooperation not competition resulting in individual/family/community/planetary benefits.

The film “A Small Section of the World” documents the evolution of a community of women faced with the challenge to survive in the Costa Rican mountains.  Looking around at what they knew and what was available to them, they created ASOMOBI, a coffee business that is now thriving and helping other women break the cycle of poverty.  Please follow the link below to read more about this fantastically inspiring group of women entrepreneurs and check out the film which opened December 5.

A Small Section of the World



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