The True Cost of the clothes we buy is too high.

On TriplePundit today there was a report about the release of a new documentary called “The True Cost” which looks at the fashion industry’s real cost in terms of our environment and the people who produce our clothing. For some time now I have been very aware of the environmental and human cost in the production of both cheap and luxury goods. Just because you pay a small fortune for a purse, shoes or dress does not mean the people who made that item are treated any better or the environment is considered any more than the $9.99 shirt or $23.99 purse you purchase.

As consumers it is imperative that we understand the true cost of our clothing purchases and why we must demand change within the fashion industry. It is not okay that someone dies, is maimed, their health permanently compromised or water, soil and air are polluted in the making of our clothing not to mention the obscene waste that is generated by the endless message to consume more and more and more.

Take a look at the video below, follow the link to TriplePundit and Truecost to learn more and please, please make different choices when you buy that next piece of clothing.

There are many great clothing companies – Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Keen, Timberland, Coclico, honestby and many others that are not produced at the expense of people or our planet. You can find even more on the Ethica, Fabindia and the Ethical Fashion Forum sites.  Support these manufacturers/artisans, websites and tell the others that they must change or go out of business as their methods are unacceptable. Clothes do not need to be produced at the expense of people or planet and the only reason they are is for profit. A business that has a real purpose, fulfills a real need within society and is conscious of its impact will profit while improving people’s lives and our planet not at the expense of them.

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