Sustainable, resilient, restorative, nurturing, purposeful, fulfilling are not just words or ideals.  They are achievable outcomes of concerted, individual action massed together through business, organizations, groups, communities and regions.  I believe everyone matters, everyone has a purpose, and everyone has a role to play in redesigning our world in a better way, because we are EveryONE.

Throughout the website you will find inspiration, ideas for sharing, actions you can undertake, new perspectives and hopefully innovations and information you did not know before.  My goal is to provide a site that is cooperative, informative, positive and contains resources to help anyone who is interested to change, whether in large or small ways, from unsustainable actions to sustainable actions.  Each one of us has a part to play in the universe, each one of us is unique and contributes to the overall experience of living on this planet.  Our actions, words, and energy leave an impact on people close to us and people on the other side of the world.  It is worth keeping in mind that we are more connected to everyone else than ever before and while this has created enormous gains for most of us, it has also created enormous hardship for many. Rebalancing and restoring our world through sustainability and resiliency will accomplish even greater progress without the costs we currently face in a degraded environment, damaged societies and a destructive global economy.