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I have been absent from this site for a while, all of 2018 to be exact, and I have missed posting. I will be active throughout 2019 and hope that those of you who follow this site will return to check it out again and I look forward to new people finding their way to the site. My ultimate goal has not changed – to highlight positive news, information, trends, and ideas in the area of sustainability, spiritual ecology, Fair Trade, social justice, and living in alignment with the natural world for a healthy planet and all species.

My goal for 2019 though is to follow Brene Brown’s very inspiring words above to ensure that I keep my values as the guiding principle of all my actions. When we follow our values, the ones that are true to us and in alignment with our deepest self, we will always make the correct choice for ourselves and bring our best to the situation. Regret occurs when we have acted out of alignment with who we are, is not present or aware, and does not bring harmony. As noted it takes Courage to have Integrity but life is small when we do not act with courage and integrity. Another favourite quote for me is “Life expands or contracts in proportion to one’s courage” by Anais Nin. Both of these women provide words of wisdom for what we need to do and what the world needs in 2019. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

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Ottawa Supermarket embraces Zero Waste Concept

This article was in the Make Change newsletter I subscribe to and I wanted to re-post it here.  This supermarket, NU in Ottawa, is an excellent example of how Zero Waste can be incorporated into our daily life in a way that is accessible to many people.  Here is the link to the Zero Waste Home website of Bea Johnson, who wrote the book of the same name that resulted in Valerie Leloup’s brilliant supermarket idea. Read more ›

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Earth Overshoot was August 2, 2017

Yesterday was Earth Overshoot day, the day where we humans have used up all of the Earth’s resources for this year and are now moving into a resource deficit to meet our consumption needs.  As everyone knows you cannot continue to run into a deficit position without consequences.  Below is a great video explaining Earth Overshoot from Sustainability Illustrated Read more ›

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Support for fashion industry to embrace responsible, sustainable practices.

From one of my favourite information sources Triple Pundit.

C&A Foundation calls to reimagine fashion with Fashion for Good

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FEETZ – A new footwear company bringing together custom sizing and sustainability.

Feetz.com provides custom fitting shoes made on a 3D printer with a flat sole, which is better for your feet, and they are sustainable.  This is the kind of innovative and well designed products we need in the world.  Read more ›

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Apparel Industry Taking Steps to Improve Sustainable Sourcing

From Triple Pundit’s Newsletter, some good news in the apparel industry.  VF Corp’s new anti-deforestation policy will have a big impact on the fashion industry’s effect on global forests.  Actions like these by large multi-national corporations are positive steps in the direction of sustainability and remedying the damage humanity’s consumption of clothing has on the planet. Read more ›

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TreeSisters making a difference in the Mangrove Swamps on Madagascar

From TreeSisters Women Seeding Change newsletter Feb. 7, 2017

How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes

In our Madagascar mangrove tree-planting project the trees that you are funding are helping to both restore the landscape as well as create new opportunities for enslaved villagers.

Our tree-planting partners on the ground, Eden Reforestation projects are one of the world’s most powerful and effective reforestation initiatives. They recently planted their 100 millionth tree. They are also deeply skilled at merging social and ecological healing, because when it’s done right the two go together. Eden do it right.

In Madagascar whole villages are enslaved to ‘fish barons’ – boat and net owners who loan out their vessels for a specific yield, which if not met places their fishers in debt, permanently. This enslavement comes with its various horrors, including child slavery and abuse of women.

Eden work with the community and employ them to plant, tend and protect the mangrove saplings on large tracts of village land. Over half of their employees are women (60-70%) who are able to get out of debt thanks to this project, as well as send their kids to school and start their own micro-enterprises.

How many reforestation organisations can also say that they turn the enslaved into the foresters of our world? Whole villages at a time.

On top of this, the mangroves make the air healthier, stop the earth from bleeding into the sea by preventing soil erosion, sequester carbon, and provide habitat for endangered fish species are spawning in the mangroves, thousands of species are returning to lands that can thrive again.

Thank you for making this all possible with your generous contributions.

Photos by Eden Reforestation Projects

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Sustainability Illustrated’s Biomimicry video

Here is a great video explaining biomimicry.  We would do well to learn from nature and design more of what we build to mimic what the natural world has perfected.

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Canadian Beer Industry Way Ahead on the Circular Economy

Another great article from The Natural Step Canada’s December Newsletter on how Canada’s beer industry has been maximizing resource use since prohibition.  I am a big fan of the circular economy and believe every industry can do much more to get closer to this reality with cooperation and a true desire to consider minimizing waste at every opportunity.

The Economics of the Circular Economy

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The Natural Capital Framework – Why It’s Needed

The Natural Step Canada’s December newsletter included a link to this article by Vince Deschamps on Natural Capital.  It’s food for thought on the things we need to consider about Natural Capital and a way we can go about doing this properly.

Vince Deschamps: Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

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