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A socially just world is essential to a sustainable world.

Climate strike: Walkout, protests for climate change on September 20 – The Washington Post

Friday’s strikes come three days before world leaders are set to gather at the United Nations on Monday for a much-anticipated climate summit. — Read on

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TriplePundit: Why Shifting Gender Balance in Wealth Brings Ripple Effects

TriplePundit: Why Shifting Gender Balance in Wealth Brings Ripple Effects — Read on

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TreeSisters making a difference in the Mangrove Swamps on Madagascar

From TreeSisters Women Seeding Change newsletter Feb. 7, 2017 How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes In our Madagascar mangrove tree-planting project the trees that you are funding are helping to both restore the landscape as well as

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Triple Pundit is running a Twitter Chat Nov. 3 – Women and Cocoa

Check out this twitter chat if you are able to on November 3.  It is about the sustainability of cocoa farming and the role women cocoa farmers play.  Two Great ideas more sustainable cocoa and empowering women.  I love it.

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LIFE is the culmination of all you do – So Choose Wisely

I have been reading the various articles, commentaries and analysis that The New York Times Amazon article has generated over the last week.  Shock and outrage at the conditions white-collar workers experience at Amazon, as well as support for those

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Power of Women around the world – Part 1- ASOMOBI Coffee Growers

This is the first in a series I am putting together on groups of women who have taken control of their lives through purposeful work and reclaimed their power as conscientious contributors establishing equitable businesses, improving their communities, and the

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Black Friday is NOT good for the environment.

This post originally appeared on my blog There Has to be a Better Way. American Thanksgiving is here and with it comes Black Friday and the newly added Cyber Monday – the obscene and absurd practice of merchants reducing their

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Video – Social Sustainability: Satisfying Human Needs

Another great illustration video to help you understand the human aspect of a sustainable world. For more please check out Sustainability Illustrated’s YouTube channel or their website here.      

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Another Fair Trade Success – Numi Tea and Turmeric Growers in Madagascar

Numi Tea has worked with a group of turmeric farmers in Madagascar to create the first Fair Trade Certified turmeric for a new line of teas they are making that uses the amazing spice.  Whatever your business is, if it

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Patagonia and Fair Trade Certification

Patagonia Outfitters announce move to fair trade certification for their garment suppliers. Already a forerunner in environmental practices, Patagonia is taking their corporate social responsibility even further by working with their supply chain to ensure fair labour conditions in their

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