Meditation + Compassion = Happiness for all

We are all connected.  Love All

We are all connected. Love All

You may have heard it before or read about it but perhaps you still haven’t internalized the simple reality that being more mindful and compassionate results in happiness for YOU as well as others.

1. Spend time each day to slow down and cultivate a consciousness practice through meditation. It will not take long before the enormous benefits of a calmer state weaves its way into all areas of your day and ultimately your life.

2. Let your first response be compassion, not judgement, when dealing with others.  Act from a place of loving kindness, not fear, and all your interactions will change.  Remember you control your actions, not others.

3. Care about your actions, not the outcome, it is your mindful intention that matters.  If it is full of love and compassion, you have acted well, if it is not, then you have acted poorly.  Note this is quite different from meddling in other peoples’ lives and trying to control their actions because you do not trust their judgement or capacity to act a certain way.

Contemplate | Meditate

Contemplate | Meditate

The result for you is an increased level of happiness and contentment that can only come from engaging with your environment mindfully, compassionately and with loving kindness.  As human beings we need to cultivate a sense of serving the greater good rather than serving ourselves.  We need to think carefully about how our actions impact our world, our children and our grandchildren.  Meditation and compassion assist us in developing the ability to consider our actions before we take them in order to minimize conflict, negative consequences or thoughtlessness.

Within an ecosystem all of the species work together to build a better environment.  A species that does not do this will not last within that ecosystem.  Human beings initially and still within many indigenous cultures work within their environment to sustain its resources for the whole ecosystem’s health.  However, the vast majority of us make choices that actively work against each other and the environment.  We are exceeding Earth’s resource capacity to support us and as we now know are causing potentially irreversible damage to the air, water and soil we and many other species need to survive.  Acting this way is selfish, destructive and irresponsible and we are the only species that does this.  Given this information, clearly this is not how we were intended to develop – without thought, without purpose and without positive contribution to the sustainability of our species and our environment.  Nature does not make mistakes, we lived in harmony once and we have enough knowledge now to determine how to do that once again for the benefit of all things and the Earth.

Please read on to learn more about the science of meditation and value of compassion from Mindful Magazine.

For more on compassionate conservation check out Marc Bekoff and Jane Goodall.


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